She stood in front of him, just the way she was- no pretensions, no make-up, no lies; her true, her inner self. She kept looking at him, too engrossed in him. And he, in her. She knew him to be fair for he would tell her the way she was, the way she exactly, really, was. Though it might hurt her, but that’s how he was- fair in all respects. People who did not know his real worth, would call him different names, try to demean him for what made him what he was- his fairness. But that would not bother him at all. He would tell you your reality, be it harsh as a rock or beautiful as nature. And that’s what he prided himself on.

She always knew, always, that only he could make her confident. She would go to him, stand there in front of him, and practice for hours, until he made her feel confident. She would stand there and look at herself through his eyes, his piercing, enchanting eyes.

The world always told her that she was not beautiful for she was scarred and bruised and freckled. Stretch marks adorned her, and her dark complexion supplemented her already ‘good’ looks. It would want her to feel inferior, not made for this world, as if God had punished her for some misdeeds.

But the world would not have its way. He told her that she was beautiful, so beautiful that even he cannot show her how much. Her beauty can only be felt, and he felt it, felt it enough to make her feel it. And she did feel that beauty channeling inside her. What if the world does not find me gorgeous enough for itself, she would think. I will NOT succumb to it, I am what I am, no matter what others think. I will not be judged and let others decide what I feel. I love myself just for who I am. With that, she would again look at him, smiling. And that invaluable, enlightened, spirited smile would be reflected just the way it was. After all, isn’t it what it is supposed to do, a mirror?


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  1. Wonderful thought , when we love someone from all our heart they become the mirror we rely upon..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ankita Jain says:

      Thank you for stopping by and giving it a read! 🙂

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  2. Nitin says:

    This is really heartfelt post Ankita. The whole time I could imagine two persons standing before him, without talking, still able to communicate through your words.

    And so much in line with I was thinking when I wrote that poem. We are just programmed to look at outer beauty. *I’m no saint either* But I realize how shallow we become when we label a person just on the basis of outer beauty.

    Thanks for telling me about this post of yours. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aphrodite says:

      *like mindedness* 🙂
      It gives me joy that you liked it. And true you said, we ARE programmed to admire the outer form. But having said that, once you get to know a person, it ceases to matter after a point of time. Outer beauty is truly 4 din ki chandni. 🙂


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