Women’s Day Review

I have been reading so many posts lately, all celebrating the recently concluded Women’s Day (I myself shared a short story to celebrate this). Wonderful posts indeed. I want to share my opinion regarding the same. To make things clear, I write this in general, and NOT about anyone in particular.

First of all, I feel it is a great thing to celebrate and recognize womanhood on the international level every year. But having said that, I do not feel t is enough to keep all that praise and concern for this much neglected half of the population limited to just one day out of the 365/6 long ones. While some, in fact many, are genuine in their concern for women, the other lot which too comprises of an unsurprising number of people just blindly follow this trend of wishing women a Happy Women’s Day, mostly to appear ‘cool’ and progressive, and mostly because everyone else is doing this.

It is sheer hypocrisy when you do not even bother about them or their rights on a routinely basis but shower them with compliments on March 8. I, for that matter, do not ever get the concept of celebrating such days. For me, it is the little things that we do every day in our daily life for the people that may or may not matter to us that counts. Women’s Day only being an example of that. I mean how many times we women ourselves, and not only the men, mock other women and/or girls for petty reasons like jealousy? I am no saint either and I too have fallen prey to this. However, I have come a long way but still there is a tremendous scope for improvement for there are still some weak moments. To see the change in othes, we have to be the change ourselves. If we are incapable of improving and revising our own attitudes, then it is not only useless but also hypocrisy to expect a change from others. Change indeed starts from within.

Second, I read about how many celebrated what women can do and have achieved. Such women undoubtedly exude sheer brilliance. More power to them. But what we must not forget is that there are still millions of them who are being subjugated right at this very moment. Instead of always cribbing about what we do not have, we should be thankful what we do have. We are still a million times better off than many of our counterparts.

NO, I do NOT mean that we should not strive for more freedom and equality. There isn’t a miniscule of doubt about my loyalty to that cause. We definitely should. There are still miles to go. But we, who are at a slightly advantageous position than others, should strive to make not just our lives better but also of those who are below us (below not in any derogatory sense). It is not just the governments that have the sole responsibility for the betterment of our lives. We, as individuals, too need to share a fraction of this responsibility and be the agents of change.

Next, I think much has been made about the term ‘feminism’, so much so that, as Emma Watson puts it, it has become synonymous with man-hating. To begin with, this mindset is thoroughly in the wrong and against what the term means. I am a feminist. A proud one at that and I do NOT hate men. I only detest the thinking that they are superior creatures. And this thinking mind you, is not limited to only men but a section of the women too who believe in this [talk to the grandmoms and you’ll believe me. My grandma says that a LOT and hell yeah, it pisses me to limits! It is not just the grandmothers or mothers but many who mainly belong to the underprivileged and/or the rural lot (there are exceptions I acknowledge that whole heartedly and accept them too. I would be more than glad if I am wrong, trust me. but what I write is from my personal experience)].

Feminism, to my mind, among many other things, in the first place asks for equality between both the sexes, be it regarding ANYTHING. It asks for the equality that IS ours but has been denied to us since times immemorial. And to me, it does not try to achieve this by demeaning men because then what it will do will be no different than what men did to them. It is not just a decorative term. Instead, it is something that you feel, think and live by.

No one sex is superior than the other. As I wrote in my post titles Revisiting too, Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology is famously called the ardhnareeshwar, meaning half woman. Virginia Woolf too recognized the mind as androgynous. There should a harmony between the two for balance to exist.

To conclude, once, just once, with all your heart, and putting aside all what the society has bred into us, just try to think about things from a woman’s point. Maybe you’ll understand what she goes through. MAYBE. This is not the solution but just a beginning to sensitize men. And to reach that equality and freedom that we talk about so avidly and passionately, we do need to begin from somewhere.

Let us try not to reduce Women’s Day to a one day phenomenon. Let us not talk about it not only this particular day and then forget all about it and go on with our lives. Let us live it every day.


PS: This is NOT a tirade against any particular blog post that I have read or may have commented upon, as I mentioned in the beginning too. These are just my personal views which maybe different from yours. As I always believe, you are entitled to have your own viewpoint, which I equally respect. 🙂


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  1. Army_Tales says:

    Your comments on my blog https://armytalesblog.wordpress.com have made me feel speacial every time that I am over the moon reading them and this eventually urged me to mention about one of your special comment in my new post today 🙂 🙂 Would you like to get a look of it? https://armytalesblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/i-owe-this-to-you/

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    1. Aphrodite says:

      I already did sweety before you even pinging me here. 🙂 That’s our bond!

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      1. Army_Tales says:

        Wow! Thank you dear. And today I got to know the secret behind our bond 😉 And that is we both are Geminis :* :* 😉

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      2. Aphrodite says:

        Oh! Are we? No wonder we found each other. 🙂

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      3. Army_Tales says:

        Hahaha yeahhh 🙂

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  2. I like your perception.. And I do agree with it.. 🙂

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    1. Aphrodite says:

      Thank you. 🙂 🙂

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